Welcome to the Kiepersol BlindTending Bartender's Challenge

This event has been postponed to 2015 . If you have any questions, contact us at events@kiepersol.com. We'll post updated information here as soon as we have it.

For a chance to win $10,000 in cash prizes, Texas bartenders can enter the challenge here. ENTRY DEADLINE: October 10, 2014!

The Challenge: Showcase the best specialty cocktail made with local Texas products combined with the new Texas-made Kiepersol spirits brands: Dirk's Vodka, Pierre's Rum or Jimmy's Bourbon.

The Goal: The competition is intended to expose the best Texas bartenders to what we consider our awesome Texas distilled spirits and the Kiepersol destination. We look forward to working with bartenders that love and promote the local, that are truly supporters of everything Texas. Instead of being focused on the technical aspects of bartending, our goal is to define the standard for bartending Texas style with Texas pride.

The "Blind" Part: Don't worry, we won't blindfold you to make cocktails. In the semi-final round on November 11th, the bartenders will make and describe their cocktail to a regular bar customer. But personality is key here - the audience won't be able to to see the bartender, just hear him or her and see the final drink, not being swayed by the 'looks' of the bartender. The audience then votes and determines who goes on to the final round.

In the final round, we're looking for the quintessential Texas bartender. They will make their signature cocktail and an audience choice cocktail now in full view of the judges and audience. 

The Comments: But bartenders are going to need the support of their customer base to get them to the semi-finals. Customers can vote for their bartender from the "Comments" button at the top of this page. Customers need to get the bartender's unique ID number from the bartender in order to vote.

The Prizes: $7,000 first prize, $2,000 second prize and $1,000 third prize.

How Bartenders Enter
1. Make sure to read the rules - this will give you the cocktail parameters as well as crucial eligibility guidelines.
2. Enter online at kiepersol.com by October 10th. (You don't need to know what drink you will be preparing to enter by October 10th.)
3. You will receive a unique bartender number via email.
4. Tell your friends and customers to use that unique bartender number and give comments about you at kiepersol.com by October 10th. These comments are crucial to our selection.
5. If you are moving on to the next round, you will hear from us via email with further instructions.
6. Good luck!

The Finals: The semi-finals and finals will be held Tuesday, November 11th at KE Bushman's Celebration Center. Entry is free and open to the public. Bartenders are encouraged to bring family and friends to cheer them on. Times are to be determined - the semi-finals will be in the morning and afternoon and the finals in the evening. Can't wait to see you there!

Questions? Contact us at events@kiepersol.com