What Cross do you Bear?

Why do we ask, "How are you?" Like as if we expect some good news, some happiness, some positive vibes or something we didn't expect. A dear friend passed away a couple of weeks ago. In the midst of his battle with cancer, he sent a vibe of enthusiastic peacefulness. Which, under his circumstances, was the unexpected, even knowing that he was a very positive person. A positive mind that directs the truthful lips only exists in those that understand the Biblical concept of the words you utter, will come true. So I think the perpetual whining and tiredness when you ask somebody how they are, is very seldom or never due to physical or strenuous labor that was performed, but the vicious cycle of negative expression that never leaves them. Because what they speak, comes true. My friend said, "I'm wonderful." And it came true. I know where he is.