Where the Moon Shines

Every season comes with great new anticipation for some and anxiety for others. Yesterday afternoon, when the first real cold front of the season, came in, I realized,  'That's what a cold front should be like'. When the temperature really changes and you really experience the change. As farmers, and land builders, we live the seasons of the moon and the cycles it brings with a certain certainty of uncertainty, We plan and we produce mostly for those that never dared to look up and create a moon shadow. And once again we say thank you God for another blessed season and a bountiful harvest and a growing season that had its full moons and dark moons, dry days and wet days, cold fronts and heat waves.

The season was captured as the 2013 vintage. And for those that missed it bottled up inside, we will bottle it for you.  As the full moons come and go, so do the years and so do we. As I said, every season, full of hope for some, without advice for others, brings its own joys and pains. And when we say hello, we better mean it because there is always going to be a good bye. Some seasons are short, some are 62 years, and no two the same. We thank God for every season and take shelter in His wisdom of what is best for all.