Competitive Togetherness


We hear a lot about "too big to fail", but nobody ever talks about unity of local industry. Small units in the same industry can never become too big to fail if they are honest and united in their competition with themselves and not with each other. Good positive representation of an industry helps everybody in that industry. If you have to build your brand by tearing other brands down, you just lower your brand to the level that you tore others down to. Tough economic times create the exact climate for industry enhancement. 

This can go for any small industry. But as the Texas wine industry, we have to identify the two or three attributes that we all have in common, that we're all proud of and that we all agree on disclosing to everyone in the state and everyone in the world. Every winery, every vineyard and every winemaker can proudly represent a piece of the body of the Texas wine industry only after accepting the attributes of every other piece of the body necessary for survival.

Kiepersol is a part of Tyler. Kiepersol is a part of the Texas wine industry. Everything we represent is local.