Pairing Like a Vintner


People love to pair. This outfit goes with this event. This sauce goes with this fish. And of course this wine goes with this dish. While we've always been saying that you should drink what you like, what if you don't know what you like? That's a good place to start learning to pair. While we don't think you can 'do it wrong', here's a few guidelines and examples from our upcoming Vintner's Dinner. 

Pair similar things together. Our Italian Mushroom soup is earthy and comforting. So is the Bridge Mengsel wine we paired with it.

Acid + acid - Our lemon vinaigrette Tuscan green salad pairs well with our Kiepersol Vit, a white blend that will pick up the fresh, green notes of the salad.

Bitter + Fat - This classic steak with red wine food pairing is seen in our Barrel No. 33 wine being the perfect mate for the Parmesan and Basil Stuffed Tenderloin.

What are some of your favorite pairings?