Voicemails, answering machines and receptionists. In the process of everybody chasing social media for their business expansion, dreams and sales, they neglect the basics. This morning I went on the web, found the product that I need. The website had a phone number, hours of operation and time zone. When I called the number, a friendly receptionist answered the phone, asked politely what I need, told me to hold for a second so she could see if the right person was in. And a very friendly salesperson answered the phone, called me by my name and was excited to help me with a $59 purchase. Efficient, cordial and precise. Congratulations Steve Davis - you are the kind of person that needs a promotion - you are the kind of person that almost doesn't exist anymore - you are the kind of person that takes care of the details that makes business work.

One out of twenty places I call today I will reach an answering machine that asks me to leave a message and a phone number who I will call later today again and maybe tomorrow again to every time leave the same message. Somebody in marketing, somebody managing social media from time to time just try to get a hold of your company and see how in vain your pursuit of new business is. We will also try to improve.