Father's Day

On a Father's Day morning it is mind boggling that I'm so fortunate. I think every day of my adult life, I have been treated like it is Father's Day with a good morning phone call or a good night phone call, an I love you text or one saying, "Where are you daddy, what are you doing?" I have boxes full of letters from my father. We were just fortunate to love and communicate each day like it is the best day and maybe the last day. When he passed away, I had no built up 'thank yous' or 'I forgot to tell you' emotions. 

Today, Father's Day for me is just a day of reflection on how fortunate we are. But when you reflect, you also think of those less fortunate. Those that lost fathers and feel a void and today I especially think of those soldier fathers - so many buried in so many places all over this country and the world. But luckily I believe in angels. And believe that some way, somehow they also were there in some guardianship looking over us and looking over their loved ones. Guiding and protecting with the same love they instilled into the family sphere while they were there. Love is a happy sacrifice with blind acceptance of happy moments and not so happy moments. Love doesn't forget, neither remember. 

Love is positive and consistent, like that of our maker. But there is no reason to have a void in your life because the heavenly Father, the good Father is more consistent and more reliable and more clear than any of our earthly fathers can be. Make every day a Father's Day and this proclaimed day will become just another day of counting blessings and making resolutions to be there, not just for your own, but for every one in need.

~ Pierre de Wet