Why Bushman's?

We believe in enjoying time with family and friends to fullest and engaging all our senses. Bushman's is the perfect place to create joyful memories where you can hear great music from state-of-the-art sound system (the best in East Texas) and relax in big cushioned comfy chairs.

Tables are big enough for your whole party. There is even plenty of room to dance! It is a place to bring friends and make new ones, where everyone gets a chance to engage in the universal language that is music!

There is a nice variety of food and beverages ranging from wine and cheese to Shiner Bock paired with King Ranch chicken. Come be our guest and entertain all your senses!

Collin Raye will be here this Friday!

Great Work Ethics & Parties Do Go Together

Our event center, KE Bushman’s was hopping last Saturday! A great band {Texas Rebellion and their CD release party}, a full dance floor, tables and chairs for everyone and just about any drink you want. {Did we mention we transformed from a winery to a Private Club at this location to please all palates.} We thought about what made the atmosphere so comfortable and easy. We think it is the staff - so eager to help and serve that a line for drinks is unacceptable. The belief that your comfort is more important than them going home after already working 12 hours at the tasting room down the road. We have great people working at all the Kiepersol locations! That is the difference! Come join us every Friday & Saturday night for live music and check the calendar for special events like this upcoming weekend Country Opry with Linda Davis, The Rigsbys, Tim Hadler and Michael Anthony Curtis.