It's amazing to me how growth, the igniter of prosperity, gets regulated by the people that do not want others to prosper. It is unbelievable that so many in today's control thy neighbor society have no idea, concept or perspective of the evolution of societal prosperity. As I look at our vineyards, and I see the humble, poor boy beginnings, the step stone approaches, the enhance when you can, improve when you have to to maintain image and growth, I know that Kiepersol Estates Vineyards would not have existed if I planned it at day 1 the way it looks and is structured today.

There's a very proud evolutionary process that took place as we started to crawl, then walk and then run and hopefully today we're not mature yet. But most of those that are in a constant pursuit of controlling what others do, (controlling others' ability to make a living or others' ability to think freely, dream skywards, and create legacies), feel powerful in their own minuscule existence of constraints and equalization to leave a legacy as empty as their heads for generations to count.