Reflections on the Finer Pleasures in Life

When friends and family and a lot of special people get together for an event like the premiere of Dirk's Vodka at The Distillery at Kiepersol, it amazes me how many people go out of their way to be supportive, kind and excited. You spend so little time with so many that you wonder if they know how much you appreciate them. But in the spirit of that commitment of so many is a herd happiness and a security that we're not alone. That we've built friendships and relationships that are built on mutual trust and appreciation for the good in life and the good is always pure and honest and unafraid, unguarded and free. 

My hope and prayer is that the direction we are going will stay pure and that the products won't be abused. That it will forge friendships and that those that use it will understand that the obligation of moderation and respect for themselves and those around them lay squarely on their hearts. My hope is that it will never be abused and never misused. It is meant to be one of those finer pleasures in life that you respect and enjoy with caution because it can make you act like a fool and make you lose respect. We are proud of Dirk's and we are thankful for so many that showed support even if it wasn't for the product, but for the support for us, we thank you.