Crush Chaos & Cool Collaborations

“Crush” continues long after grapes are all in. This time of year there is a LOT going on at the same time in the winery. There are tanks with wine still fermenting (transforming sugar into alcohol), tanks going through extended maceration, (extra time of skin and wine contact before pressing), white wines that need racking (pulling the wine off of the sediment for clarification), pressing (separating the skins from the seeds), the beginning of malolactic fermentation (conversion of malic acid to lactic acid, aka smoother wines), endless amounts of lab work and the list goes on!  

Among all that work there is still time to do the “robot”,  take out the trash and smile because life is good!  It is fun, challenging, and very fulfilling work to literally see the fruits of your labor!


Box, What Box?


We believe in pushing the limits, trying something new, and constantly improving!  People say, “Sometimes you have to think outside the box”. Well, we at Kiepersol can’t seem to find the box that everyone is trying to stay out of.  In our approach to service, our menu, our grape growing, and of course our winemaking, we believe in challenging the status quo. It is what propels us forward. That does not mean that everything we try works the first time or even the 5th time….we just keep at it.

So along that line of thinking, we'd like to share with you Season 1 of KE experiments. Whole cluster fermentation with Cabernet Franc. It means that we simply dumped the grapes in the bin without crushing or de-stemming the fruit. We are hoping for lots of complexity of flavor and a greater expression of our vineyards or natural terroir. We will keep you posted on the progress of the latest experiment.