Not a Drop to Drink

Water, water everywhere...we have indeed had waves of much needed rain pass through East Texas in the last two weeks. The rain in general is a good thing for the grapes, but even better, is the fact that our vineyards don’t see the intense severity of the storms. We were able to capture a couple of radar images of the storm dividing as it approached our area. We know that the Bullard Salt Dome does in fact change the magnetic field in our area, and it causes a beautiful chain reaction. We have less severe storms and less overall rainfall than a few miles north and south of Kiepersol. One of the tell tale signs of this reaction is taking a drive down US 69 from south Tyler to Love's Lookout. The pine trees stop about a mile north of the Bullard city limits, then begin again about 3-4 miles south of the Bullard city limits. Thank you salt dome? No, thank you God.