It's Bedtime in the Vineyard

As farmers, we are so preoccupied with what we do and what we care for that is almost with a shock that we realize that most people don't live the seasons. Yesterday somebody asked, "Why are the leaves in the vineyard so yellow?" And all we could say was, it's bedtime in the vineyard. It's getting to the end of the day of the season and the vines have done their job. We as caregivers are proud of how the vineyards behaved and thankful for the crop. Nature's sequels and seasons are running their course. The daylight is quickly shrinking, and as the sun sets over the season, so do the sleepy eyes of the vineyard. Once chlorophyll filled leaves have given their all to the vine and have placed into storage all that they can for the season to come. It is truly a time to share because the weather is good with fog in the mornings and a pleasant breeze at night. What can be better than sipping the fruit of a past season while seeing a vineyard that has done it's best. Come and share what we live - the restfulness and peace that our farmer's world offers.