Tours & Tweets


As I stumbled into a wine tour down in the barrel room, I immediately realized something is different. Everybody was interested, everybody had questions, and everybody was bright-eyed. My kind of people. It made me want to share our little world and our big pride. Smart phones were used to take pictures. But the strangeness of the experience was that everybody respected themselves enough to enjoy the tour - nobody was texting or tweeting. No noises or ringtones from their phones. Everybody was decent enough to respect themselves and my effort of sharing our lifestyle of winemaking. 

It made me want to share our new venture, Dirk's. Which brought immediate excitement, interest and happiness to my whole group. You who were there, I thank you. The world's constant obsession for connection and disruption of our own insecure existence...seeking somebody else's insecurity second to second and minute to minute, day and night. It makes me think everybody should drink a glass of wine, fall in love with the moment, become secure in themselves and respect others' time without interruption. I thank you all for a wonderful hour and a half. You proved to me that there is a time for everything and I appreciated your time and respect for yourself, the rest of the group and me. ~ Pierre de Wet