Improvision Decision 2013


In the pursuit of discovering somebody else's trash that we can use, we made our 13th annual trip to a far off equipment graveyard destination. Disassembled and moth-balled, the pieces of a bottling line, the abused impellers of pumps and buckets full of fittings that don't fit any longer was what we found. We know we can make it work. We know we can bleach and buff and polish and replace and make this early 80's equipment usable again. But it doesn't satisfy like it used to - to turn somebody else's scrap into our treasure. How nice would it be to call the factory and say come and install us the best equipment for our winery's size right out of the box. Yeah, the stark reality. We have never and maybe will never be able to afford that luxury. Raised "green" before it was cool, I guess makes you stay green. So hopefully this winter's cold day projects will be reviving a bottling line from the past. On the brighter side, labor and diligence just add to the love we put in that bottle. And we bet the customers can taste it when they pull that cork.