Take it to the Limit

You might hear us say or visually see the idea of 'living the seasons' at Kiepersol.  Even though we're finished with the crush season and all of the fermentation is at an end, the winery is still a buzz.  This time of year we get the opportunity to take in the 'lifestyle' associated with wine.  Kiepersol wine is at the center of many holiday parties and gatherings for us, and hopefully for you.   But this time is also an opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in our craft.  From tasting wines at different stages of aging to learning more about the biochemistry behind the production, we are committed to pushing our work and wines to the limit.  

Competitive Togetherness


We hear a lot about "too big to fail", but nobody ever talks about unity of local industry. Small units in the same industry can never become too big to fail if they are honest and united in their competition with themselves and not with each other. Good positive representation of an industry helps everybody in that industry. If you have to build your brand by tearing other brands down, you just lower your brand to the level that you tore others down to. Tough economic times create the exact climate for industry enhancement. 

This can go for any small industry. But as the Texas wine industry, we have to identify the two or three attributes that we all have in common, that we're all proud of and that we all agree on disclosing to everyone in the state and everyone in the world. Every winery, every vineyard and every winemaker can proudly represent a piece of the body of the Texas wine industry only after accepting the attributes of every other piece of the body necessary for survival.

Kiepersol is a part of Tyler. Kiepersol is a part of the Texas wine industry. Everything we represent is local. 


Bridge - San Antonio's History Intertwined with Kiepersol

In honor of Kiepersol being at San Antonio's Tango of the Vines this weekend, we wanted to share with you a wine story that you may not know has San Antonio roots. Our Bridge Mengsel and Bridge Sweet Mengsel wines have a historic photograph label that comes from the photo album of our founder's grandfather. This bridge in the photo is the Navarro St. Bridge circa 1917 and is the exact spot where Julius van der Weider said goodbye to his Texas sweetheart and went off to the war in Europe. We have recounted his life adventures for you to enjoy. To read the full story of love and loss in World War I, bringing us full circle from Texas to Europe and South Africa, and back to Texas again, visit kebridge.com.


How our Wine Can Provide Stress Relief


I knew I was saving all those corks for something and I'm not really the artsy type to make a wreath or make a cork board. Dr. Oz recommends those corks for something that is really useful. If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw when you're stressed out, keep a wine cork on hand. Hold it vertically between your teeth and gently bite on it for 30 seconds or so. This forces your jaws, a major tension spot, to relax. He doesn't recommend fighting stress by emptying the bottle of wine into your body first however ;)

Balancing Mad Scientist & Cool Chemist

The completion of harvest time not only brings the anticipation of bringing in a new vintage, but it prompts us to do extra checking and evaluation of all our aging wines. We will spend the next three months working exclusively with the 2013 vintage. So we need to make certain that all the aging wines are set and ready for some quiet time. This means that every wine gets tasted along with a full chemistry analysis before we begin harvest.  The extra jolt of tests ensures us that we will not veer from the quality that is Kiepersol. Who said in high school, "I'll never have to use this stuff in the real world"?

Your Taste Matters


We want you to go home with the wine you love!

Trying to find a wine that you like can be difficult and expensive. In most cases you have to buy it before you try it. We are here to pour you tastings and help you find the fit for you. The only wine rule worth following is “drink what you like”.  The more we get to see all of you, the better we will become at making a wine catered to all of your palates!  One of the benefits of buying local is tasting before you buy.

Crush Chaos & Cool Collaborations

“Crush” continues long after grapes are all in. This time of year there is a LOT going on at the same time in the winery. There are tanks with wine still fermenting (transforming sugar into alcohol), tanks going through extended maceration, (extra time of skin and wine contact before pressing), white wines that need racking (pulling the wine off of the sediment for clarification), pressing (separating the skins from the seeds), the beginning of malolactic fermentation (conversion of malic acid to lactic acid, aka smoother wines), endless amounts of lab work and the list goes on!  

Among all that work there is still time to do the “robot”,  take out the trash and smile because life is good!  It is fun, challenging, and very fulfilling work to literally see the fruits of your labor!


Pressing Matters

Even though the vineyard is barren of grapes now, there is still quite a bit of grape related activity inside the production facility. This is a look at a tank that we are using a process called "delestage" or rack and return where the seeds are eliminated from the red wine ferment to aid in negating excess bitterness. The wines are finishing up and we inch closer and closer to the finished product. We take the time to taste EVERY tank to ensure that our terroir is showing through.