Wine Calculator for Your Party

Having a party? Don't forget the wine! Wine parties are becoming the hot thing this season and the most often asked question we get is 'how much wine do we need'?

Here are some basic guidelines:
There are four glasses (6 oz each) of wine in a regular sized bottle.
For a party that lasts 4 hours, a person will average 1 glass of wine per hour.
Therefore 1 bottle of wine per person for the party.
If there is a full bar, you can usually cut this number in half.

Calculation example:

75 guests - full bar - 3 hour party
1 glass per hour * 3 hours * 75 guests = 225 glasses
225 glasses / 4 = 56 bottles
56 bottles / 2 for full bar selections = 28 bottles

Get a mix of red and white depending on what you already know about your guests. If you don't know your guest's preferences get your selections close to half an half. If it is summer, get a few more lighter whites and add a few blushes. If it is winter, get more of a spectrum of dry reds and make your whites bolder and drier.



For the rest of your alcohol purchases, remember if you have a full bar, this is the rule of thumb:
50% wine
30% beer
20% mixed drinks
If you are having just beer and wine, 60% of guests will choose wine and 40% beer.