The Kiepersol Team

Kiepersol is a destination passionately run by sisters Marnelle and Velmay. Their father, Pierre de Wet, founded Kiepersol in 1998 and left an inspired legacy of wine, spirits and food with love and service at its core. Following in his "Farmers First" footsteps, Marnelle and Velmay bring love of the land and hard work to each Kiepersol endeavor.


Marnelle Durrett
Marnelle is our Proprietor and Winemaker, shaping the taste and feel that is the heart of Kiepersol. If you've ever had the opportunity to be on a tour with Marnelle or have her as a featured speaker, you will recognize her as a teacher at heart, moving each person she touches with imagery from the wine farm that relates to daily life. She lives in Kiepersol Estates with her husband, Jim, and two children.

Velmay Power
Velmay brings her banking background and ground up integrity to the table in running the finances and systems analysis at Kiepersol. While behind the scenes most of the time, you can occasionally catch Velmay tasting her favorite wine on a Saturday while watching the kids enjoy the vineyard sandbox. She lives in Kiepersol Estates with her husband, Chris, and two children.


Kelly Doherty
Kelly creates the brand standards and visual presence of Kiepersol from wine and spirits packaging to photography, writing and storytelling.

Owen Stanfill
You can find Owen welcoming guests at the restaurant with great warmth and hearty recommendations from the menu each evening. He is a storyteller at heart and loves to share his piece of Kiepersol with friends and guests.

When not helping Marnelle with her latest projects, Jaimie is Kiepersol’s guest liaison.

When not on the road with her husband, PBR star Robson Palermo, Priscila is our statistician, projecting where we should be in the future and checking on the current path.

Papa T
Terry Morrow is Papa T. He has adopted us as a tasting room ambassador giving insightful tours and showcases his love for Kiepersol throughout the community.

Sharon is the wine tasting room and distillery manager, while also spearheading our Wine Club.

Mike Roth
Mike runs the day to day social media at

Alex is our assistant winemaker. You also may see him around the tasting room leading tours.

Pete is the strategic planner of our crazy family of businesses. He has developed the Kiepersol Wine Club venture and is the main man on inventory control and analysis.

John is a multi-talented engineer who shares his skills from the bottling line to the digital operations at our celebration center.

Robin Naser
Robin is the rock of the restaurant, taking the daytime management to organize parties and prep for the nighttime crowd.

If you've ever called Kiepersol, you've talked to Melinda. Melinda is the voice of Kiepersol, answering questions and taking reservations (even when she's on vacation).

Robinson “Robbie”
Robbie is our chef at the restaurant and been with Kiepersol since we opened in 1999. Your perfectly tender steak and everyone's favorite lobster bisque are Robbie's daily creations.

Jessica is a marketing trend innovator, making sure Kiepersol is on the cutting edge of getting the best products to you.

Charlotte is our tax and enterprise bookkeeper keeping us straight throughout the year.


The beautiful service staff at the restaurant.

This phenomenal kitchen crew whips up tasty and beautiful plates for you every evening.

The crew at our Bushman's RV Park welcomes guests from all around the country.

Our maintenance crew does everything from fixing tractors to constructing all of our buildings from scratch - they are amazing!