What kind of Thanksgiving family member are you?

Wine suggestions from KE Cellars...

Are you...

Overly excited to be with family?
Then you need to try the Messina Hof Sweet Sangria.

Desperate to get outside for a smoke?
Then you need the Wichita Falls Desperado Red.

The one that hogs the entire cheese ball?
Then you need the Nozzole Chianti Classico.

Just dreaming you were out hunting instead?
Then you need the Duckhorn Decoy Red.

Curled up with the cat taking a nap?
Then you need the Gato Sauvignon Blanc.

The one frantically polishing all the silver before your mother comes over? 
Then you need the Mer Soliel 'Silver' Chardonnay.

On a mission to make everything so perfect that we all have to participate in a highly contrived game of Trivial Pursuit or, God forbid, charades.
You need Mission Sauvignon Blanc.

The one that will fume over the fact that no one will eat your green bean casserole...again.
You need the Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc.

The long lost brother who has returned sporting a giant beard?
You need the Long Shadows Sequel Syrah.

The one insisting that the bird be free range and hinting that maybe we should have a vegetarian Thanksgiving next year?
Then you need the Care Tempranillo.

The one yelling at the television, "Hit him, hit him, what are you doing you #@!*". 
Then you need the William Fevre Champs Royaux.

The storyteller regaling the family history and embellishing maybe just a little bit.
You need the Bell Syrah.

And finally, are you the guy who decided we should deep fry the turkey this year, but ended up lighting the porch on fire?
Then you need Chateau Dassault.

Are you just happy to be here, happy to be local soaking up the area and the family,
then the whole KE array of wines is for you.


All wines available while supplies last at KE Cellars.