Kiepersol Vineyards & Winery

3933 FM 344 E
Tyler, TX 75703 (map)
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Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 7 pm

Tasting Room
Kiepersol's tasting room is located at the top of the rolling vineyard and features tastings of all our current wine selections. Tastings are $5 for your personalized selection of from 4 to 6 wines. We welcome you to engage in wine tastings, tours of the winemaking process, and to relax on the veranda overlooking the expansive vista of the vineyard.

If you have groups of 8 or more, please call us ahead of time at 903.894.8995.

No outside food or drink is allowed on the premises.

If you'd like to see Kiepersol wines in your favorite restaurant or liquor store, you can download our request form and bring it to them. Your voice is much appreciated!

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The Vineyards
Sixty-three acres of vineyards produce estate-grown red and white wines that capture Old World style alongside Texas pride. Hand planted in 1998 and 1999, the vineyards are the passion of the de Wet family of Tyler. Our winemaking philosophy is to take the fruit from each vintage and tell the story of that year. We do so by highlighting and complimenting the characteristics that the fruit has to offer. In growing and making Kiepersol wines, we strive to make the most approachable, comfortable, well balanced wines that still have complexity of flavors and supple tannin structures. This is our key to creating comfortable wines that showcase our terroir.

Kiepersol's wines are tangibly unique because of it's terroir - the expression of geography, geology, farming, winemaking and passion combined as it courses through the wine. Visitors overlooking the vineyard's breathtaking view seldom realize the treasures that lie beneath the soil. Kiepersol sits atop the Bullard Salt Dome, a geologic masterpiece of time which brought fertile Jurassic soils, ideal for nurturing grapevines, to the surface. The weather-changing effect that this Salt Dome has on Kiepersol is a blessing of nature - the severity of storms is softened as the natural electrical charge of the land pushes storm pathways to the North and South. Ultimately the vineyard thrives with love and passion from its caretakers, but its elemental grounding is the origin of Kiepersol's successful story.

Embrace the local. Lead the way. Texas pride is the basis of our portfolio of classic wines. Wines that will never let you down. Wines that represent the tangibly unique seasons and flavors of the terroir - the expression of geography, geology, farming, winemaking and passion as it flows through the wine. Fruit from each vintage tells the story of the season. From indulgent sunshine to foggy mornings, soft rain to whispering winds, the characteristics of the fruit and its environment are captured in harmony.  Approachable, well-balanced wines with complexity of flavors and supple tannin structures. Comfortable wines that represent their terroir.

The Winemakers


Growing up immersed in agriculture, Marnelle de Wet Durrett, Winemaker and Estate Manager, developed a love for the finer things the land had to offer. After her apprenticeship at Trefethen Vineyards in Napa Valley, Marnelle now shares her knowledge and dreams with East Texas. Due to the unique climatic conditions in East Texas, Marnelle marries the Old World style of winemaking with her Californian background to create the first class cellar selections of Kiepersol wines.


Michael McClendon is Kiepersol's Enologist and Winemaker. His background in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Texas at Tyler brought him to Kiepersol in 2008 as a laboratory intern. Since then, his passion for wine and tireless work ethic as a 'student of the vine' have catapulted him to lead the wine production team. He is proud to usher in a new generation of excellence in the Texas wine industry. 

The vineyards and surrounding grounds are an ideal place for a photo shoot. Portrait settings are available for $50 during our regular business hours or for $100 for a private two hour time frame. Please call the winery to schedule a time for your next shoot. 903.894.8995.